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To get access to the best professional painters in the city, start by first calling our office number at 204.233.4769 . One of our friendly representatives will pick up your call and take notes about what your painting needs are, whether it be interior, exterior, residential, commercial, or property management work.

We Call And Make An Appointment

After our rep takes in all the information, they immediately email that to an Estimator, who will phone you within 24 hours to make an appointment with you at the site.

Estimate Walkthrough

You and our Estimator will walk through the site and determine the scope of work, recommend the right paint products and explain why, and make sure to hear any concerns you have. We do our best to provide estimates on the spot and if we need more time to gather information to build you a solid painting plan, we will get you that quote within 24-48 hours.


Great preparation is the key to a great finish. We begin by moving items away from the walls, covering belongings, laying drop sheets, and begin scuff sanding the walls. Exterior applications likely will involve other kinds of prep such as power washing, scraping, sanding, or wood replacement. Whatever the preparation necessary, our professional painters are trained to do preparation with great care to ensure a lasting finish.


After prep, we apply the paint products we quoted in even coats, starting with ceilings, then moving on to trim and doors, and finally with your walls. We work in a systematic and organized way so you can see progress and completion with every day of the project.

Inspection & Clean Up

We perform our own quality inspection with our painting staff to ensure we catch any touch-ups or misses in the project.